“If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result!”

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Gone 021And so we are into a new year. In Ireland we say, “How did you get over the Christmas?” as if it represented a hurdle of some sort. And it can be, for some. Well, I “got over” the Christmas just fine and hit the ground running in 2016. I’m in good shape and in good form. I am also raising the bar a little more this year for further improvement with my fitness and for living with CFS/ME.

I explained all about my training programme in previous posts and just to update, I completed my fourth lot of twelve sessions (2 per week) with my personal trainer (Paddy) just before Christmas. Between my visits to him since 9th March 2015 and my own sessions (away from home) I reached 100 completed sessions at Christmas. And then I met someone.

That someone (an angel to me on my journey) had helped me from the start and now suggested that I go and see a specialist in Clinical Immunology (and also trained fitness instructor). He had recently opened a new facility in Sandyford, Co Dublin. I met him and while he was impressed with my progress to date he did believe more could be achieved. I was listening. He recognised all the work on resistance training and the impact it had had on me. But he was very sure that a focus on the “aerobic” side on my fitness would add greatly to my recovery. “ Get a heart monitor” he said, “a cheap one at Argos” and workout aerobically 6 days a week, keeping the heart rate around the 100 BPM for a start”

Today I’m three sessions in. I go to the gym three to four days a week and am building my aerobic side on the “Cross trainer”. Then is into the weights for forty minutes or so. I’m walking for the other days. This will take time to build but I am enjoying it so far and pleased that my routine has changed. A famous man once said: “If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same result”.

I’m continuing my writing classes each week. (No sign of the novel mentioned in the last post – yet). Still finding the social side most difficult. An evening with friends (more than one other couple) is still the most exhausting thing I can do. I’m also finding it difficult to read for very long (couple of pages at best). And my sleeping is a bit iffy. It varies between 3.5 to, at best, 5 hours a night. The longer “deep sleep” I get, the more energized I feel.

tranquil 018It’s been over 4 years since first symptoms and it will soon be four years since I hit rock bottom and worked for the last time. It all seems a long time ago and so much has changed. My life is better now in so many ways. I only do the things I want and like to do. I use my limited energy carefully. I try to help myself and others where I can. I also try and use each day in a productive, creative way. It is a very fulfilling path.

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