60 – not out!

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tourmakeady-waterfallI celebrated my 60th Birthday at the beginning of September, and what a night that was.  Almost 70 guests and a 3.30 a.m. finish.  Two days later I travelled with three friends to Wexford to play golf.  Big mistake was to try and play three days in a row (and so soon after the party).  We used buggies but even so by the middle of round two on day two, I was shattered. But I got a second wind and finished.  I even played again on day three.  One week later I was in A&E following severe stomach pains and cramps; and a general feeling of being unwell.  I got the all clear but was warned that I probably over did it in Wexford.

It was another wake up call.  Even though I had been going to the Gym a few times a week and generally in good shape, sleep remained a problem and energy levels remained too low.  I had learned that this CSF/ME is an illness that needs to be managed and I had been doing a reasonably good job. But push it too far just once and you can find yourself right back where you started.

Anyway, I am on the right path once again and even managed to win a prize at a recent golf outing.

Currently, I am in Spain enjoying the good weather. Another 3 hour flight which once more knocks me out.  Flying does that to those of us with this condition.  But Im not complaining.  Beautiful weather and lots of swimming and walking.


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