To Cruise or not to Cruise….

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{On the 3rd of May this year I will have been living with CFS/ME for five years (and unable to work a normal day).}

Sing 10


Four months since last update. Not exactly an active blogger but hopefully the quality will make up for the infrequency. Lots to tell so lets start with a trip to the Far East. Myself and herself finally took ourselves off to Asia starting with News Years Eve in Singapore. Still groggy from the flight, we rested for a few hours then got up in time for the fireworks that saw in 2017.










We joined the Celebrity Millennium on 2nd January and so began our twelve-day cruise.  Sing 23a













The idea “Unpack once and see the world” or at least a good slice of it. For anyone with CFS/ME it seemed like a reasonable option. And it was for the most part. The places we saw and the people we met were amazing. It was a “trip of a lifetime”.

Our ShipThe facilities on the ship were excellent and the service first class.









Plenty of time and space to relax, rest and to exercise. They had a good Gym and a beautiful library.Sing 32


Trips off the ship were always a bit rushed and recovery time was important and necessary. But always worth the effort.










On the way back we spent 5 days in Abu Dhabi.

Sing 154

The sense of “calm” we experienced there was unique. It has everything you could want in a holiday and everything works but at a pace that looks like it was invented for those with CFS/ME. I loved it and would go back there in the morning.


We got back to Ireland towards the end of January and I was tired. For about two weeks I had to take things very slowly and build up energy. I was back to my writing group and getting to the gym once a week but overall I was still feeling the after effects of the trip. As always the flying takes the most out of me. I understand that is consistent with other CFS/ME sufferers.



Then I got hit with a bug of some sort. It caused breathing problems and I could do very little. Looking back on it now, I realise that I overdid things at a time when my energy levels were low. I used up every last drop in the tank and finally collapsed. Literally, once more I could not get out of bed. That lasted for a couple of days. With it came muscle problems and terrible headaches; and an inability to stay in bright lights. It took a week or two but I’m getting back to normal (our normal). Energy levels are building slowly and I’m back in the gym. ( I really do feel great after an hour’s workout). The writing continues and we are talking about our next trip. Maybe another cruise!


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