The price of doing too much…

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It’s hard to believe that it is five years since I hit rock bottom and could not get out of bed. The date was 3rd May 2012. That was five years ago last Wednesday. I wont bore you with the details, as they are all included in my blog. Suffice to say that I’m still here and continue to have the condition “CFS/ME”.   But as readers of the blog will know, I am one of the lucky ones. I have been able to live my life with one condition attaching: –


“I can do anything I want but not everything”


So once again this year I headed off with eighty-two others (fifty four last year) for a week in the Iberostar Hotel, Sancti Petri, not far from Cadiz, Spain. Three days golf and plenty of relaxation. I went to bed early each night (ten thirty) and on the days off, took it very easy. There was a strong social aspect as the group had a lot in common but did not see that much of each other. Some had never met before even though we are all members of the same golf club. That’s how golf clubs often work. You play at a certain time and know the people who do likewise.


Anyway, we had three wonderful sessions by the pool from 5 to 7 p.m. We had our own musician and everyone performed. Great fun but very exhausting as I later found out. On the final night I took photos of the presentation of prizes (as I was not getting one, I was free). It was a cold night and we were outside for about an hour and a half. Next morning before we left for the airport, I knew I had caught a cold.


Between that, the flight and the exertions of the week, I ended up very sick for the following fortnight. A visit to the doctor had me on antibiotics and I spent a great amount of time in bed. I had no energy and it took weeks for the infection on my chest to clear up. The price of trying to do too much.


Trip Photos 05It’s easy in hindsight to rationalize what happened and why. Would I have done thing differently? One for sure. I would have worn warmer clothes on the presentation night. The rest? I would probably do it all again knowing that I would have some down time after I got home. But it would be worth it.


I am so lucky that I can do anything I want and I understand the consequences of doing too much. That’s just the way my life is. Will it get better? Who knows but as it is, it isn’t bad. I need to carefully manage my energy levels on a daily basis. I try to plan a week ahead at least. I know what I will be doing each day. The gym twice a week. Writing two days a week. Golf one day. Meeting friends on other days. It adds up to a busy schedule but if I stick to it, I’m good.

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